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Draw texturing Polyester yarn for Stretch cowboy

Dty, draw textured yarn, is the most used texturing process in synthetic fabrics. dty process is similar to perming hair. after heating, the raw material is drawn and twisted/untwisted simultaneously resulting a bulked stretchy yarn. the process is called false twist. dty maintains characters of synthetic filaments.
Draw texturized yarn is the most used texturing process in the textile industry owing to the numerous advantages associated with it including its ability to process continuous-filament yarns of different types of polymer and not only thermoplastics. further, many heating techniques are used to make the yarns suitable for specific applications.
Draw-texturing as consumption rises alongside global population growth, with improvement of living standards as reflected in diversification of consumer needs, with expansion of non-apparel applications, and so on, the draw-texturing process is attracting growing attention not only for high speed production of regular yarn, but also for ...
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