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Covered yarn for Fly knitting producer

Covering yarn, or covered yarn, simply refers to a base yarn being covered with another yarn. covering can be done by many different possibilities, like air blowing or entwining. winding on the other hand refers to the process when a yarn is wound onto a yarn
The pantyhose samples were knitted under a constant condition, while the single covered yarns were produced by controlling the covering levels of 1500 turns per metre (tpm) and 3000 tpm in nylon yarn with a draw ratio of 2 = 3000 tpm/1500 tpm for the core polyurethane yarn. the lower covering level produced a higher sheer in the pantyhose.
Knit fly: knit fly appear in the form of foreign matter such as d yed fibers, husk, dead fibers etc. in the staple spun yarn or embedded in the knitted fabric structure. d yed and other types of ...

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