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yarn spandex covered for laciness

Spandex covered yarns are made of bare spandex covering with various filament yarns such as polyester, nylon, viscose, cotton and so on. one can knit or weave spandex covered yarn into different types of fabric for the end product. the clothes with it are stretchable and the narrows with it are comfortable. spandex covered yarn.
Spandex covered yarn is divided into single covered yarn (scy) and double covered yarn (dcy). single-covered yarns are created by wrapping the polyamide such as nylon, around the fibre. the polyamide used can be flat, textured, multifilament or microfilament. the greater the number of coils, the better the quality and performance of the yarn.
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Covered spandex is also used. the covering involves wrapping the spandex in the main yarn in the nylon hosiery, so that the spandex becomes the yarn core. four processes can be used for covering: single covered: the nylon or other fibre is wrapped in a spiral around the spandex once only with an average of 1,200-2,200 turns/metre. the more ...

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