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Draw texturing Polyester yarn for Imitation nylon

We have our own qc persons to make sure all sub-contracting goods under runteks yarn brand name areof high standard .all of our products have passed oeko, sgs ,grs certificates. our main products are new biodegradable polyester filament yarns, recycled polyester yarn, functional and dope-dyed polyester yarn, polyester spun yarns, ,cationic ...
The polypropylene draw texturing machine is the equipment for producing pp dty yarn. it twists polypropylene fiber ( poy/fdy ) about 3000-4000 times/m by physical method. after heat treatment, it twists back again to produce fine crimp, thus producing dty yarn with good fluffiness, high flexibility and elasticity. technical parameter. 1 ...
Texturing process where the yarn goes around a magnetic spindle (the pin) that creates a twist which is then fixed by heat. air textured / taslan texturing process where air streams and high pressure make the filaments in a yarn tangling togetherresulting the yarn to be hairier, thus feeling softer and more like a spun yarn.
Zhejiang leinuo textile technology co., ltd. (also known as zhuji zhengdao chemical fiber co. ltd.) was established in november 2003 .we are mainly engaged in the production and sales of (pa6/pa66/pet) fdy, poy, dty, covered yarn, rubber covered yarn, cotton yarn, and provide high quality materials for all types of textiles.

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