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Apr 11, 2015 · the three-dimensional crimp is permanently set by the heat. the stuffer-box method is a fast and inexpensive method for carpeting yarn. air-jet texturing method. in air-jet texturing, filament yarns are fed over a tiny blast of air that forces the filament into loops. this type of yarn is also called air-textured or air-entangled.
Supply good texturing draw yarn. the effect of major texturing parameter in the aspect of tensile behavior and percent of crystallinity for microfilament polyester yarn were studied.d/y ratio, draw ratio, first heater temperature and speed of texturing machine are the major process parameters that used and other texturing
Cotton isn’t elastic so sweaters made from pure cotton can sag under their own weight, so a cotton blend is often a good compromise. cotton is machine washable, hard wearing and often fairly cheap. because it isn’t fluffy, cotton yarn is good at defining stitch patterns such as cables, on the down side uneven stitches tend to show up more.
Polyester texture yarn made of 100% polyester continuous filament textured thread. the textured filaments give the thread a soft feel and make it ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide softness and comfort, especially in "next-to-skin" seams.

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