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2. core twisted yarn. core twist yarn is that we twist any fiber together non-elastic fiber such as cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic. it can combinate the advantage in different yarn. application: sweater、flat knitting threads、woven fabrics. 3. compound yarns. synthetic fiber-filament is as core yarn, which is covered with natural ...
A weekly report covering market information on the entire chain of polyester along with online access to daily polyester chain prices. it covers prices of various textile value chains, from energy to feedstock, intermediates, raw material, filaments, fibres, and yarns.
A compound yarn typically consists of two or more different fiber strands in a core–wrap structure with the idea being to get a net effect combining the characteristics of the core and the cover components. 4,7,8 many core–wrap yarns consist of core filament(s) wrapped or covered by a yarn. these may be categorized as covered-spun compound ...
Knitting yarn is a specific type of yarn used for knitting. knitting yarn comes in many different types of fibre types, textures and twists. you can find it in a variety of textures, weight, heat retention properties, water resistance etc. knitting is a method commonly used to create a fabric that is used in many types of garments.

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