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best well Covered Nylon yarn in turkey

Main products : nylon 6 poy,pbt, dtypes poy, , dtyviscose, cotton; country/region : turkey; links : turkey textiles & leather products, turkey yarn, turkey other yarn, company introduction. i would like to give a brief information about our company.atateks was established in 1990 and today has become one of the largest company in turkey and in ...
We are very well know agent company in turkey for 15 years and we selling rayon viscose, nylon 6 6.6 , pbt acetate yarns. ... traditional covered polyamide 6&66 yarn,texturized polyamide hang dyed yarn,air covered nylon 6&66,traditional covered yarn for medical,air covered yarn polyamide 6 &66 for seamless.
100% nylon yarn in turkey (10) 100% polypropylene yarn in turkey (12) ... linen polyamid viskose flament yarns for selling turkey naibour country of turkey. ... metallic yarn,polyester yarn,glitter powder. dokur tekstil koll sti. 353, denizli, turkey,20020. ... rubber covered yarn.
Company description dear sir and madam, microtex co., ltd. has been founded in 2006 installing aiki texturing and splitting production machines with the goal to be world leading maker of polyester / nylon dty monofilament yarn. we aim to satisfy all the customers with the top quality of textured monofilament yarn provising optimum standard throughout the fabric production

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