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Draw texturised yarn (dty) is a fully drawn, fully oriented polyester multifilament yarn with soft crimp, high bulk and texture with cotton feel and very high durability and retention properties. this is manufactured by texturising partially oriented yarn using texturising machines. dty is suitable for fabric end uses like outer/inner garments, skin-clinging garments, furnishings, upholstery, etc.
Lx 1000 machine texturing, pre-oriented yarn (poy) is permanently crimped using friction. as a result, elasticity and heat retention are increased, the yarn receives a pleasant handle, while thermal conduction is simultaneously reduced. lx 2017 machine for fdy texturing, crepe yarn is used as raw material for the silk-like polyester fabrics.
Aug 06, 2010 · poy, which stands for partially oriented yarn, is now the standard feed yarn for the texturing process. it is a continuous filament yarn spun at a speed, which is, for example for polyester, around 3200 m/min.
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