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Nylon texturing Draw yarn for laciness

100% nylon. brand name: leinuo. yarn type: draw texturing yarn. feature: conventional. specification: 30d. color: raw white/raw black/according to customer needs: p certification: oeko-tex standard 100. twist: s/z. oil content: 2-4 % / according to customer needs. breaking strength: 3-4.5 cn / dtex/ according to customer needs. grade: aa grade. usage:
The present invention provides a method for making nylon-polyurethane fiber blended yarn by utilizing false-twist texturing machine and adopting one-step process. said method includes the following steps: (a), making nylon raw yarn be drawn out from raw yarn frame, and making said nylon raw yarn be fed into first roller by means of first yam-cutting device of false-twist texturing
Dty, draw textured yarn, is the most used texturing process in synthetic fabrics. dty process is similar to perming hair. after heating, the raw material is drawn and twisted/untwisted simultaneously resulting a bulked stretchy yarn. the process is called false twist. dty maintains characters of synthetic filaments.
Dty is nylon drawn textured yarn, it is manufactured with poy through draw-twisting. fiber is curly, fluffy and has a high elasticity. its yarn fabric has a soft, skin-friendly, soft color characteristics. it has a decisive effect on the fabric warmth and clothing comfort.

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