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Draw textured yarn (dty) is made from partially oriented yarn(poy). when the poy is drawn and twisted at the same time, the end product obtained is a draw textured yarn. the technical specifications of draw textured yarn have made it ideal for a wide range of applications as it can be moulded in several ways as well.
Sd = semi dull brt. = bright trilobal / bright round rw = raw white ( natural white ) nim = non intermingle lim = low intermingle ( sim = slight / semi intermingled ) him = high intermingle ply yarns are available. twisted yarns ( with tpm ) are available. raw white yarn with continue reading 100% polyester draw texturised yarn [p-dty] →
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Dty (draw textured yarn) semi dull , raw white / dope dye color, twisted yarn, non intermingled yarn, slight intermingled yarn, high intermingled yarn. packing : 5.5 kg/ bobbin . 6 bobbin a carton . approx. 12 tons /20’fcl. 24 tons /40’hc. dty; 50-36. 75-36 . 100-36 . 150-36. 300-96. 450-144. 600-192. 50-72. 75-72. 100-48. 150-48. 300-144 ...

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