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We are one of the renowned manufacturers of draw twister machinery parts like separator roller bearings (separator roller bearing for d.t machine).our company has a full fledged manufacturing setup and dedicated team that helps us in making diversified bearing products for various industries. key properties existing in our all bearing products are anti abrasive finish, rigid
Dty ( draw texturing yarn ). it is a finished yarn that is continuously or simultaneously stretched on a texturing machine and deformed by a twister. dty yarn raw materials are generally made of poy as raw yarn (the spinning process is similar to fdy, but with a higher elongation), and are processed by stretching and false twisting (mainland deformation), which often have certain ...
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Nylon 6 net yarn 70d/2 dty him high/heavy intermingled yarn; dty 75d/36f polyester yarn sd sim; dty 150/48 polyester filament yarn aa and a grade; dty 150d/48f sd nim/him polyester dope dyed yarn; dty 150d/144f polyester textured yarn filament yarn a & aa grade yarn; oeko tex polyester yarn dty 150d/96f draw textured yarn for weaving and knitting

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