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100 polyester textured yarn DTY Cationic colorful yarn

Draw textured yarn that made from 100 % recycled polyester sources which are pet post consumer bottle and fabric and yarn waste ... 100% recycled polyester. 100% recycled dty (draw textured yarn) semi dull , raw white / dope dye black / dope dye color. dty; 50-36. 75-36 . 100
Yarn – 100% polyester fully drawn yarn (fdy) – 100% polyester drawn textured and stretch yarn (dty) – 100% polyester twisted yarn – acrylic yarn; warp knitted fabric – tricot brush – tricot satin – tricot mesh – tricot net – tricot half – raschel lace
Easy dyeing polyester yarn dty 30/36 yarn description ecdp (easy cationic dyeable polyester) is low carbon and eco-friendly new fiber with high performance, because of dyeing on the temperature below 100°c under atmospheric pressure and excellent high dyestuff take-up, it can be interweaved with any synthetic fiber, artificial fiber and natural fiber.
Aty, fiber, dty manufacturer / supplier in china, offering 100% polyester air textured yarn (aty), rpet fdy 600d for webbing/bag passed grs (rw/ddb/colours) ; 100% polyester recycled yarn, semi dull cdp; fdy/dty/poy yarn for double colors fabrics and so on.

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